Hotel Rothaus.
Klosterstrasse 4, CH - 6003 Luzern
Hotel Rothaus Luzern | Gastronomy
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Enjoy a unique gastronomical experience.
The chef Emilio Espinosa Schwarz leads a team which delivers to your table a unique purpose in the city of Lucerne: Peruvian cuisine modern, creative, with the traditional ingredients of Peruvian precedence. Quinoa, Andean tubers (from Ayacucho, Peru) among others with organic certificate.
100% Peruvian flavour in Lucerne
Pikante Restaurant
Through the gastronomic purpose called “Inspiration”, a diverse menu offers the clientele a combination of Alpine and Andean traditions by the chef Emilio Espinosa Schwarz. Moreover, Pikante has the first “Barra de Ceviches” in Switzerland which is dedicated to serve a variety of exotics ceviches elaborated at the moment by the own chef. Cocktails such as Pisco Sour, Passion Fruit Sour, Chilcano and Chicha can be found here as well.
Pikante is the first Peruvian restaurant in Lucerne, opened on the 24th of June of 2017 under the lead of the chef and hotel manager Emilio Espinosa Schwarz.
Pikante is honored to offer every year The First ©Peruvian Food Festival in Lucerne to celebrate our Fiestas Patrias of Peru (28th of July).